hi guys and girls any one around in june...



as i am only 18 days form my 6th ibiza trip and the xitment is growing.

that i would see who else is out their. and if their are any off you that fancy meeting up in june around san an. let me know.

will be their form 21st june till the 5th of july.

their me and 2 other mates.. so maybe are paths will cross...

later k69. 8) :lol: 8)
I'm gonna be there with a mate 23rd June to 1st July. We should arrange a good drinking session, Im staying in the Bay.

Get in touch.
K69 me and my friend will be there June 21st to July 1st. Probably hit up San An for a couple a sunsets but were staying near Ibiza Town so wont be over every night. Will you be heading out to Bora Bora anytime or is that a stupid question? Cause we'll be down there lots. Got a car though so its no problem getting around.

Let me know what your up to. :D


will make the trip to bora bora a couple of times i am sure.

not sure what days yet depends what nights i want to do.