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A new exhibition titled Hey DJ! will be one of the first on display at The BME, a new National museum dedicated to the history of popular music which opens next month at London’s O2 Arena.

“Developed with software whizzkids Clay Interactive, Hey DJ! has a giant touch screen interface which means visitors can flick through a virtual record box containing 50 significant records in the evolution of British Dance music … From Cymande and Kraftwerk, to New Order and Cabaret Voltaire, Inner City to Ganja Kru and Teifschwartz to Toddla T, Rodgers and Jones have been meticulous in their efforts to accurately represent the true story of British Dance music.”

“As well as hearing the tracks themselves, the interactive allows users to browse through the record sleeves and trace the many remarkable connections between related entries. There are videos, interviews, flyers and images as well as all kinds of fascinating and nerdy facts embedded as easter eggs throughout; like the history of the Roland 303 Acid machine, the story MCing in Britain or a detailed exposition on the development of UK Garage.”

Rodgers says, “It was important to me and Steve that we did a good job with this. It could have been shoddy, a bit crap, but we know a fair bit about dance music and we’ve put a lot of love into getting it right. It’s actually turned out great and the hard work has been worth it”. Apparently so. During recent testing a group of teenagers (expelled from schools in Bermondsey) described the Hey DJ! exhibit as "sick ****!!!".”

He genuinely did say that, too. **** knows what the yout brigade said when they discovered iPod cover flow, but either way. This bit of the exhibition also sounds neat:

“Rodgers also provides the audio guide for over 300 of the museum’s other artefacts and exhibits and with Jones has created a technologically advanced sound installation for the museum’s central space. These days Rodgers and Jones are world class sound designers with museum works from London to Tokyo and they describe the BME piece as ‘an audio palimpsest’. The complex soundscape draws on source material from 60 years of popular music in Britain and uses a revolutionary generative software (Core Audio) created especially for them by nerd-prince, Adrian Ward at Clay. Played back in 6.1 Surround Sound, the piece will never repeat itself, in whole or in part, not once, not EVER!”

The BME opens on March 17, and Hey DJ! will be a permanent feature.
Sounds like it will be for dance music what the Experience Music Project in Seattle did for rock & roll.

EMP was one of the best museums I've ever visited... established by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Very techy, good exhibits, especially the Hendrix section.