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Im going to see hernan cattaneo open for oakenfold tonight. Has anyone ever heard his music? Is he any good? I am not even looking forward to seeing Oakenfold because he's gonna be here with his band. He said most of his songs are gonna be from the bunkka album. I've heard that hernan was good, but I figured that the people on this site would be a better source.

Thanks for the help guys and wish me luck surviving through the bunkka hour!

i have heard hernan spin twice, but this was back in the summer of 2001 and i was pleasantly surprised, he played deep house, a bit like john digweed stylee, but he may have changed his musical style over the year....
MMMmmm, I LOVE Pastrami. I met the HOTTEST guy in Ibiza last year who's nickname was that. I am also going to see Hernan tonight. Coincidence?? or FATE?? :lol:
u met some hot dude whos nickname is pastrami...hmm...i met lots of girls there....i was there from sept 14 thru the 19th....did i meet u there??
Perhaps. I'm about 5'3, with long tri-colored hair and hazel eyes... I think you would best remember me by the yellow bikini I was wearing with the marijuana leaves all over it. You had a gorgeous snaggle-tooth smile attached to a handsome face and amazing body. I ended up swimming naked with you at Playa d' en Bossa... I should certainly HOPE you remember!! :rolleyes:
oh crap!....thats u!!! i found u again...i thought id never hear from you again!! Ya that was a fun swim =). So where u at???...whatcha up to??
This is f*kin unbeleivlable...I want to meet that girl Amnesia
whoIshared my "FERRARI" and the story ended up in Space :cry:
Wow! I can't believe they found each other again. I would love to find all of the long lost clubbing friends I met in Ibiza. The odds are slim to none though since I really can't remember any of their names! Hee! Hee! :lol: I'm lucky that I remember my own name these days! Too many damn drugs! Oh, well! :rolleyes:
Susie: you ever been so f***ed that you actually couldn't remember your name? :lol:

I haven't but one of my mates has! Hahaha, what a state! :eek: :lol:
No, I usually remeber my name when fu??ed up. The problem I have is remembering the names of other people. They tell me and I just forget all of the time even when I am sober! Quite sad really!

My big problem I think is my lack of short term memory these days. I swear I spend 15 minutes every morning searching for my car keys. I can never remember where I put those damn things. One time I spent like 10 minutes looking for my keys only to realize that I was holding them in my hand. Pathetic!

I am usually just a nut case while high on drugs. Rolling makes me create all of these weird names for every object I see. Plus I just come up with all of these crazy off the wall thoughts that are quite ingenious really, but I forget them. Pot makes me paranoid really, but I mostly smoke after rolling to keep me sane if possible. I haven't touched any other drugs in years. No need for any of that hard sh?t.

Actually, after a good party I am famous for ending up on the ground in my own little world. I am the homeless on the street child of the beat! :lol:
:D OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I can not believe this happened. When I met Pastrami at Bora Bora it seemed like I had already been hanging out with him for years instead of minutes. When we started talking it would have taken ten rolls of duct tape to shut us up... everything that came out of his mouth enchanted me for some reason. Not to mention he's TOTALLY amazingly beautiful... no joke. So I saw him at the Hernan/Oakie show... I almost fainted. It was like all the sudden I was back on the beach with the trance spinning up by the bar, guzzling San Miguel in the sunshine at Playa d' en Bossa. Seriously it sounds corny but I think it was one of the best nights of my life. (Read review below.) I experienced one of the greatest shows ever, with a man who is truly fabulous and thankfully has not changed from the guy I met in Ibiza. I can't wait to see you again Pastrami :lol:
:p OH MY GOURD THE SHOW WAS FREAKING FABULOUS!! Hernan totally shredded. I got there way early so I could hear his whole set, and it was fantastic from beginning to end. And he gave me his autograph (signed, to Sara, keep on dancing, Hernan). He seemed sooo genuinely nice. His creeping buildup had me screaming for more, and the high-energy finale set the perfect mood for Oakie's grand entrance. At first, I thought Oakie was going to be Mr. All-Business (straight faced) the entire time, but within about a half hour, that smile started shining through like stars through the night fog. He started bobbing in his trademark stance, lunging while hanging on to the controls. Pretty soon he was grinning from ear to ear and shaking it like mad. Oakie's breathtaking set once again proved that he is a master. The man is just goddamned amazing. Now, as far as the band he brought, it just wasn't my style. Other people looked like they were enjoying it, and the musicians were certainly talented, but all the while I just wished that Paul would hop back on the decks and blow our minds again. But he didn't. :( Oh well, I am definitely thrilled that I went- it thoroughly surpassed my expectations.
When I'm f**cked up I usually remember my name :lol: BUT I don't remember sometimes where I been and I forgot a few times my girl friend's name :eek: :confused: :eek: ...It's weird and freaky :!: :twisted: :lol: :eek: :confused: :cry: 8) :spank: