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Hi, Iam confused in wich party i shouldnt miss from Pure Pacha,Defected and We love space? any help i love good house music. Thanks
Well, I know the music is the priority, but i think also if you only in Ibiza for a holiday you should be thinking along the lines of which one is going to give you the best Ibiza experiance.
If you had asked me this 5 years would have been without a doubt We Love. Out of the 3 you suggested, I still say now " We Love" , but I must say recently it is losing a bit of it's magic. Still good though.
If you are going to do just one Club night, then I would go to Ushaiia on Sunday night then to Cocoon on the Monday (Especially if now it will open at 6pm).
Don^t know why I am typing in just decided to do^s Swiss.

Hi, thanks for your help the best thing is to go with the flow, arriving there than i see.:rolleyes::eek: