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My mate now wants to come to Ibiza with me now. Thing is Ive been working away for the past 6 weeks and just got back last night and have not been able to look around for the best deals.

For the past couple of years Ive just got a flight and found somewhere to stay, but am I right in thinking with 2 of us it might be better to get a package deal? We're supposed to go on August 4th (to catch Sven and Laurent play Cocoon). Half the stuff Im seein is a bit more pricier than last year, -is it a busier season this year?

Any help appreciated peeps.

Nishdance 8)
I book my flights and accomodation separately and it works out cheaper than packages. The only way you might get a real cheapie is do a last minute package but your accomodation might not be that great. Also these days you get fewer late deals.

Have you been in August before?? August is always the most expensive time to go for hotels and flights. The prices do tend to go up slightly each year and you are going right in the middle of peak season.
From reading some of the posts on here it is supposed to be quieter in general than last year but then August is always very busy.

I dont see why just with there being 2 of u why u would need a package deal but the only advantage with the package holiday is that at least you know u r guaranteed accomodation. Have u ever had any problems with getting accomodation b4 when u arrrived?

Check out for some deals, they are usually quite cheap, or

Good luck but im sure u will b fine. Have a great holiday
This year was the first time i have been in mid june for the opening parties so i can't compare it to previous years.
It was quiet though in some of the clubs Pacha for ministry was quiet compared to when i have been in the past but pacha pure on the fri was very busy
Pin Up was dead but being one of the smaller clubs will probably take time to get going and some of the reports now say that it is much busier now.
Sundays @ space was apparantly quiet for the opening but has picked up now.
Bora Bora was as always very busy and had a brill atmosphere from about 5 onwards when people come of the beach.
I think that too many club nights opened all in the same week too early this year. the opening of izit dance for example was competing against cocoon opening and manumission opening so it was always going to be tough for them
There seemed to be about twice as many really good party's on this year than 2 years ago so it was hard to decide where to go.
As far as last minute cheapo's go try on this website there is a big macca bit in blue writing at the top of the page saying cheap hols e.t.c
I'm flying with BMI Baby who fly out daily from East Midlands and booked my hotel through this site. You can look at accommodation photo's and the prices are quite cheap.
Ended up costing £330 for 2 people for 4nights.
I arrive on the Tuesday so it will be Underwater (Xpress2 guesting with Dazza), Wed- Subliminal, Thurs - Cream (Tiesto and PVD), Fri - Pacha 30th ( Tong and Sasha), Sat - Go home in need of another break!!!!!!!