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Any ideas where the Zanima bar is? or wot it's near? think its in San An somewhere! a mates gone 2 work there for the summer but I can't get hold of him as his fones buggered? wanna visit when on hols!! any help would be much appreciated! Ta, Amy xxx
if it's in san an

i don't think it in the west end it might be on the road leading to san an bay
Is that the place that used to be next to Unity Bar (which sadly is no more and has now changed into a Burger King :( )
the very same.

i went to the 24 hour rock for galicia festival there last january. had a great time, saw lots of bands, drank lots of nigerian lager...
also the same place my wife went to for her monday morning yoga sessions on the terrace in the winter sunshine!
it gets better. i went to the ibiza marquee on monday night to see the mardi gras show. really good, superb singers, great dancers (many from west end musicals) and wonderful costumes. 3 hours flew by in the all action show.
stephen said:
avenida dr.fleming. opposite the turn off for cami des reguero

and this is how it looks like!! :p