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all you Ibiza experts - one last effort for Louise:
I received the following and don't know the answer:
" Hi Tony,
My names Louise and I spent the last 3 summers in Ibiza but can't
remember something and you're my last hope! Do you know the name and contact number of the white,very square apartment block with big blue sign on the Dr. Fleming road. They are situated right next door to the Secret Garden, behind Bar M and Itaca and opposite the bus stop outside the Hotel Arenal. Last year they had a huge sign with the name and number of the place on but can't remember it for the friggin' life of me! You'd be an absolute star if you knew and I'm at my wits end thinking where to find out!!!!!
Thank You, "

Thank you kind Sir and if you can find an appartment in Santa Eulalia area for the last week of April for around £100 I'll be on my way ;)
the sign is no longer there. they are called Rio - no tel number. apparently JMC use them in summer