Me and my mates are planning on going to Ibiza next year (July 2003) and we are not sure whether to book it now, or wait for a late deal. i have been looking on the holidays by phone site, and there are deals there for 14 nights at 189 quid :eek: but we are not sure if we take a late deal, where the hell are we gona end up lol, any suggestions?
Chris :D
If you book it in advance it's always easier to get all the money together for it, and you can take your time in picking a hotel, resort, dates etc.

It will be cheaper to get a late deal but unless you're good with money (or earn buckets of it) then saving the spending money won't be as easy. The tourist figures are down this year 9% in San An and 25% in Playa den Bossa so it's likely that the prices will be god value for next year regardless.
I work in a travel agents and bookings normally follow pretty much the same patterns year after year

It depends when you want to go but there are normally late deals available for Ibiza that are cheaper than booking now (coz it doesn't attract families as much as other places)

June and the start of July are always really cheap last thing (lots of offers for around £100 for a week!!) and then end of August and September are as well.2 weeks going out tomorrow from Manchester for instance is only £179. There's not as much left for the end of July and start of August.

The benefit of booking it now is that you can choose exactly where you want to stay, you can get the holiday paid for and are more likely to save spending money, and lastly you can look forward to it.

Late Deals

I am really intrested in the late deals, but like you say, you get more choice if we book now. I am totally confused, also i am concerned about the price, because i have to save about 200 pound a month if i want to go next year, but that is with a late deal. we want to stay in San An. as we are ibiza Virgins we dont know what the hell to do, or where to go, so we are really stuck on what to do, and where to stay etc etc. HELP PLEAAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEE, lol :(