Help - Work in Ibiza




I'm flying over to Ibiza on my own in the first week of May. I need to sort some work out when I get there, I'm going to go the ship inn and also ask around bars when I get there, does anybody know any other places that I should go about a job when I get to Ibiza??

Also if anybody can me any advice on working in Ibiza that would be great!!

yeah mate it will be the best time of your life, make loads of freinds and all that no prob,if your staying in san an then the ship is your best bet for a job,thers tons of jobs and accomodation,if your working out there remeber to have some money saved up,cause u tend to spend a lot,most of the time if ur a worker then u get put onto the guestlist to all the clubs if u wanna do flyering out there then the clubs normally do about 3 days a week normally paid at about 120 - 150 euros a week but if u work for a bar like mambos or coastline then this is paid at 1 euro for every flyer handed back into the bar plus a basic of 70 euros a week,word of warning,i worked for coastline last year and the pr manager is a complete c*** plus they never pay u on time i heard mambos were paying 240 basic last yr which is superb, inox pay about 150 basic,if u wanna get bar work then of course this is a all nite job.working on the sunset strip u would probably work seven days a week,just watch out for the cops as flyering is illegal unless u have a permit,u can apply for 1 yourself but sometimes the bars might give u 1if u do get caught by the police its a 2000 euro fine which the bar has to pay but thats there problem,dont worry about it happened to me bout 3 times last yr,hope this is enough help.

Thanks for the info Nitefly, it's much appriciated. I'm hoping to try and get some flying work once I get there cause if I'm working 7 nights a week in a bar then I won't be able to do all the clubs that I really want to do.

most of the time work stops at about 1 in the morning a few drinks then its off to a club,doing that for three months the easiest time of my life.