Help on song id



i heard this song in greece this summer and have no idea what it's called or who it's by. Don't really know that much that can help id it, but it has a group of voices (i think all female) singing something like lalalalalale or something. :oops: It sounds either latin or african. Sorry for the lack of info, but that's all i can remember
nope, that's not the one. It sounds african really, I can't even tell what the group is saying. there are some beat pauses when just the group can be heard, but instead of the lalalalale they are singing some other things i can't make out.
_lis_ you got it! That's it... thanks so much, for some reason i needed to hear this song again. Now that i'm back in school, the nights of clubbing in greece seem so far away :cry:
Geia is a song that i used to listen to, but lately alot of people in greece have gotten sick of Vandi - she's seen as a sell-out. It's cool to see that it was played in ibiza though this summer. 8)
Gia is absolute turd, i'm surprised its' caught on so much. Some good artists who remixed it but it was still rubbish after their touch. There's no hope for this bangra ridden piece of wee!