Help Newbie from Miami, Sept 6 or 7 flying to IBIZA



Hello all,

I will need your help with planning my first trip to ibiza from Miami.... which week (first or second) in september will be the best to go? any comments will be appreaciated..!

I also would like to spend at least 2 or 3 nights in Barcelona and Madrid....

Do you think that 3 nights in Ibiza will be GREAT?

Thank you!
both first and second weeks are amazing but have different lineups for the clubs check the lineups if you have a particular DJ you want to see.

1) NO 3 days for Ibiza are not enough. You have to at least go for 7 nights just so you can get at least half of everything there is to do in Ibiza in.

I'm leaving for London Aug 26 going to spend two nights in London, than One night in barcelona than 7 nights in IBiza and than 1 night back in london before i come back to the states. It'd be best if you go for like a week and a half if you want to spend a few nights in barcelona and ibiza. 3 nights i gaurantee is not enough.