help me make a decision!



some friends and i will be going to ibiza for a week on the 4th of August :D and we can not decide where to go on the first night, as there is the radio one party at space and also judgement sunday at Eden . This is our first time there, also we do not arrive until 8 in the evening so this wil mean the party at space will be in full swing but we might have missed some of the good djs.
One other question is will it be really crowded at space ? and on the other hand will Eden be empty because everyone will be at Space .
please try and help me out .
Justine 8)
Eden will not be empty, it's one of the busiest nights.

Go to the one with the DJ's you want to see, it's as easy as that!
That's a no-brainer! Eden is grotty, the sound system is pants and JJ is a dick! Plus, We LOVE Sundays at Space! :) Don't worry about the time you can happily get there at 2.00am like a normal club (but 8-9pm is quite a good time as long as you can last till the end (7.30am). The last few hours are often the best IME.
Go to space early and stay there till it shuts. In previous years you were given a wristband which enables you to exit the club to go to get sum food, change clothes, clean up or to go and visit bora bora and get back in with no additional charge.
8) I agree with the comment about Judgement Sunday..I've been before and the one's in the UK are just as bad. If you are a die-hard fan of the Judge, then go, but it has to be said that there are aome other really excellent nights on instead of that. Check out the club listings for while you are away, and here's a suggestion..draw up a little timetable/intinery of whats on for the different nights, and take it with you. Usually club reps hand them out, but they are only usually for the nights they want to sell you!! Then you can decide how the mood takes you..have a good time!! :)
I don't particularly like Judge Jules but if you like trance/hard trance then Judgement Sunday is one of the best nights on the island.

When I'm there I'll be missing Sasha :eek: but I'm going to see Ferry Corsten and Eddie Halliwell at Judgement Sunday because that's just my cup of tea. Even if it's not trendy. May I even go as far as saying that I saw Sasha at GCSSS and he bored the pants off me!!!!

*stands back and waits to get shot*

I just love trance!!!!!!!!
we're arriving about 10 hours after you (justine) but who knows with delays etc our vague plan start at dc10 early monday morning then cocoon that evening do space following sunday (+ ccoxs opening on thu) its the terrace in the day that makes it (imo) join our plan ;)
eden too much like your average british club why bother coming to ibiza for more of the same space will be packed out at this time in august long queues you'll struggle to get on the terrace etc 22hours clubbing sounds great but i think its a victim of its own success probably better waiting till carry on at space on tuesday more room to fall about etc try a few of the big clubs for the spectacle but bora bora is good enough for me no point in making too many plans you'll probably crash and burn good luck
i have to agree with most, you must go to one which genre of music fits your bill. The space nights/days tends to be prog/funky house (terrace can be a little diverse at times but cool nevertheless) whilst Judgement sunday is hardhouse. one mans/womens pain is another pleasure if you know what i mean. Anyone who is telling you to go to one more than the other is being a little unfair because there seeing the event through their own eye's. I personally don't like hardhouse more of a prog/funky house man myself and space is the best club in the world for me so i would choose space every time but thats my opinion.