help for 09 needed? please


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I am hoping to spend the summer out in ibiza next year but i am really not sure where to begin. I have been 7 times, twice this year and just love the place. from the music to the atmosphere to the beaches basically everything lol

I am a 23 year old lad from just north of london, looking to go out end of april beginning of may for the season. I have already saved a fair amount already and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips for next summer....?please.

Where to look for jobs and accomodation....etc etc would be a great help. Add me on facebook anthony gale. looking for basically like minded people who are planning spend the summer there....

if you're going as early as that then dont bother booking a hotel for more than a few days. Once you get there just go to the ship inn or the place across diagonally across from it and check the notice boards. If you just float about and keep your eye open you will see notices for lets and letting agents. But really, gettin a flat or flatmates is a lot easier than what most people think.

As for jobs you will be spoiled for choice if you go that early. Again check the ship inn and just go into bars and check windows for notices. Clubs start recruiting a bit later. also take a cv and a few photos. Not your usual cv just a kinda fun one. Hope this helps! :)
I am in a similar boat. I was planning to go the same time as you anthony and book myself into a hostel for 2 weeks while I get myself sorted. Anyone with any good reason why this isnt a good idea...?
theres no need to book for 2weeks and waste money. It wont take you anywhere near that to get sorted, you will find you will probs just relax knowing youv got a place to stay for 2weeks and not sort anything til the last minute. If worst comes to worst the place across from ship inn will give you rooms for 10euros a night.
If worst comes to worst the place across from ship inn will give you rooms for 10euros a night.


This makes me happy!

just come back from ayai napa after working the summer.. i was paying 15euros a night peak season.. and only down to 8 towards the end

if ten is the worst bring it on!!

hopefully tenerife will be cheap too.. working the winter seaon there :p

Im thinking of going out for 4-6 weeks next summer and doing a bit of work in the daytime, not fussy really even if its handing out flyers! Was thinking of going at the start of June though.

The Ship is always helpful.. and surely its gotta be the best pub in Ibiza! And I'd be more than happy to pay £10 a night also.