Help finding work and accomodation for 3 girls in San An in August


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Well 3 friends of mine wanna head over in august and work. I told them they'll probably find it very hard to get work but they still want to go.

Was just wondering if anyone here knew of anywhere they might be able to pick up work and also some cheap apartments they could stay in while they are there.

Appreciate any help thanks.
I would think that by August, all the good jobs and apartments will have gone. The best time of year to go is at the very start of the season, ie end of April, beginning of May when they can pick n choose. They might get a job if someone else has just left one as they arrive, and they might be able to get an apartment share if they're lucky, but in my humble opinion I think they've left it a bit too late!!!
ye i know thats the best time to go but they only decided it two days ago or something and i told them that they will find it very hard to get work but they still want to go

is their nay websites that might advertise work in ibiza or anything like that?
Admittedly I am in Santa Eulalia, but I have five or six people a day coming in with CVs and they tell me the story is the same everywhere - no vacancies. As a previous poster noted, you really need to be here on the ground at the beginning of May and this year not many people are hiring - credit crunch and all that. :(
yea defo too late. im just back after 6 weeks out there. had a great apartment but no jobs. too much competition out there. its like 50 people going for 1 job.