hellp me!!!!!!!!!!



hELLLO! I am thinking in go to ibiza nexte summer,with my sister,but she's only 17 :D .sow i'm afraid that she can't be able to get into the clubs because of her age.
Could anyone tell me if there are problems in get into the clubs if you are under 18?
I don't think you'll have any problems, unless she looks really young!!!

They don't really check ID's at the doors, so I can't see there being any trouble.

It's only a year anyway!
I was in pacha last month, and I swear this group of guys couldn't of been older that seventeen. I never saw anyone being carded.

hi just doll you're sister up if she does look young , but she prob wont get id,

when are yous going over there 8)

enjoy anyways :)