HED KANDI ... World Series 1 ... (who has it?)



I don't really need to add anything .... it does what it says on the tin!

Can you hear it? Listen carefully and you should just be able to hear. It's the sound of 1000's of Hed Kandi fans screaming in anguish as we release a mix cd !! The e mails will be filling up our inbox and the phones will be ringing off the hook. It's the beginning of the end, Hed Kandi has SOLD OUT and joined the masses of mix cd's we've always complained about!

So why are we doing a mix cd? Apart from the shameless marketing angle of a cool Xmas Mix Cd and my own dreams of furthering my DJ career, take a look at the CD and hopefully things will become a little clearer.

This CD is part of a new series. It reflects all the best bits of Hed Kandi CD's through the year, so there's a few favourites from previous releases and then there's all the biggest tunes we might have missed and each CD reflects a different style of Hed Kandi. Best of all each CD is pretty much what you might have heard at night with Hed Kandi.

Which brings us round to the main reason. We started as a record label over 4 years ago .. and 2 years ago started doing a club night in London and a few gigs overseas. As I've always been a DJ and a club promoter it was great to see Hed Kandi club nights take off.

Now it's got a bit silly ... we've got over 10 residencies that cover Europe and America. We send DJ's all over the World on one-off gigs and we had a rather successful season in Ibiza. And I've just got back from a spectacular tour of Australia and New Zealand. All of Team Kandi are superb DJ's that deliver the very best music with no ego and no attitude and at each of the nights we try to dress the clubs out to make it a proper party!

After 2 years, we're still turning away over 500 people from our Pacha night and the night is usually full by 11pm. We're in talks to bring Hed Kandi nights to four corners of the known world and I felt it was time to give everyone that comes along, a CD that reflected these nights.

We're still retaining our Kandi values .. so instead of 40 tracks jammed on 2 CD's you get three with 39 ... it means you get nearly all the track instead of two and a half minutes. There are three C D's - Some Beach House for the more civilized moments, some Disco Heaven for a good singalong, and then a nasty dose of Twisted Disco for the more full on moments.
Yes it's got some big tunes on it, but then it's also got the ones that are firm Kandi favourites like Fade from Solu Music or Love Is the Music from FR. THere's also a load of new tracks perfect for next years Disco Heaven and Twisted Disco. Let us know which are your favourites and we'll make sure they appear next year unmixed.

So don't worry .. business as usual next year. All the usual unmixed Kandi releases but at some point all of us Kandi DJ's are going to find a new set of big tunes and then we'll have to think about another Hed Kandi Mix CD.

Enjoy this one, it's been thoroughly road tested at a club near you ...

Mark Doyle


Not had much chance yet to listen through all of this but .... :D
Was gonna say put up full tracklisting but i guess its on hk.com......goes off too look.....
Its pretty cool for a greatest hits cd, covers most of last years big tunes, have been listening to this for some days now, must admit its pretty good, a very good selection of tunes..

However, lots of tunes on it that I have heard a gazillion times this year allready, but that's what you get with a greatest hits compilation.

Looking forward to any new Hed Kandi release !
Well, saw this on HMV's website, for £12.99 last Friday, so being the Cd-aholic I am and not being able to wait for it to be del'd wnet to my local store on Saturday to pur-chase. Bought that and the Defected in the House Cd (sort of best of). £30 later I was happy. The Hedf Kandi collection is class. The Beach House cd is a nice little warmer, the Disco one is -a foot tapping masterpiece and the Twisted Disco cd is ok without being pant soiling. All-in-all a solid buy and highly recommended...more of the same Mr Doyle :D

As for the Defected Cd's - The first 2 are disappointing and it's only the "Bonus" disc that has redeemed it from being frisbeed back to whence it came. Must do better. :(