*** HED KANDI .. Saturday 1st Nov, BED, Sheffield ***



Here's my bit:

Once again I was riveted to the main room .... and it wasn't the sticky carpet !

Hed Kandi nights are turning out to be the ultimate party night! You only have to read Mark Doyle's sleeve notes from one of their cd's to know that this guy genuinely loves what he is doing ... and this so comes across when he's up there in the big box playing on those decks .... the same goes for all the other Kandi DJ's .. they truly LOVE making the night a party ! To quote from Mr. Doyle ...

"Disco Kandi is an album with it's best clothes on and it's party attitude firmly in place. It's an album to be danced to and will hopefully raise a smile from the most cynical of clubbers"

............. This sums up Saturday November 1st - the place was bouncing !! Hey, I even caught one of the doormed have a little wiggle

You'll wanna know all that was played ..... full track listing for the night coming up soon. Needless to say though, "Put Em High" is becoming somewhat of an anthem - the crowd did; put em high that is !

So .. was the night cheesy? Disco Kandi are the most commercial of the Kandi CD's - the Hed Kandi Team have never claimed otherwise. However folks, music creates a vibe. Hed Kandi's club nights are filled with music that makes your head FIZ, your eyes SPARKLE and gives you such a huge SMILE on your face that it stays with you for days .... and I deny anybody to spend the night standing still - as Mr. Doorman is aware, those toes aren't able to keep still!

Forget the Prozac ... try Hed Kandi!
I'm at the next one one so that should be fun, and it's my B'day on the sunday to boot!!!!! So we'll be out partying hard..... Can't wait for that one!!!!!
What a night

Just a quick hello and thanks to everyone who made Hed Kandi @ BED, a massive one. Even though i hd a twisted, and was unable to join the dance floor as i normally would, the atmosphere was wonderful and i did manage to have a little jig behind the DJ booth every so often. Hi and thanks to Saffy and Mike, who really are Kandi people, there with a smile and a hug. Just the way the music makes you feel.