heat stroke

Heat stroke is not a good thing to get.

Last year after a 36 hour session me and my mate who was working over there headed back to my apartment. My mate who I'd come on holiday with was already asleep in the apartment as he had gone home earlier as he was hallucinating.

Anyway - we got back to the apartment about 8am and I let my mate crash on my bed as he was in a bad way and I stupidly decided to lie out on the balcony.

I woke up about 5 o'clock in the afternoon still wearing my black shirt and jeans !!!

My mate decided to go home and let my other mate know that I was awake. As soon as he left the apartment the nightmare started !!!

I felt my fingertips get pins and needles - which didnt concern me at first. They soon spread to the whole of my body and before long my face.

I lost control of the muscles in my face so I looked as if I was having a stroke. I tried to get up but I couldn't walk or use my hands as they were contorting involantarily. I was shaking all over and being sick on myself.

This continued for 5-6 hours !!!!! I can honestly say I have never thought I was gonna die before that day !!!!!

I was then ill for two whole days after - it didnt make for a good holiday !

Take a warning and make sure you drink water CONSTANTLY.

Oh yeah - the thing that probably saved me that day was a powder you can buy called Dioralyte. You can buy it in boots and it is specifically for replacing lost fluids. It wouldnt hurt to have one of these every morning.
Trust me mate - I have never been that scared !!!

If I'd have had my mobile with me I'd have phoned my mates to say goodbye !!
had mild heat stroke in napa back in 2000,basically had no energy to the extent that my mate carried me home stay out the sun for a day.

not a good idea - spend 24 hours shivering and shuddering(body trying to lose heat) and feeling like death.