Heart Deja Vu @ HEART 2018

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    Every Saturday we have HEART DEJA VU with Tuccillo & guests for the club!
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    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Urban In Ibiza we will be taking up residency at HEART over the month of August, Every Saturday starting with our opening event on the 4th. With pop up exhibitions and live painting by some of the biggest names in the business!

    Showing some of the hottest contemporary art from our extensive stable of artists and our London Gallery. www.londonwestbank.com

    Opening times:
    Dinner clients: 21:00pm-02:00am
    Club clients 00:00am-02:00am
    Urban In Ibiza has always been the forerunner for art, fashion and music shows on the island for the last decade and has always lead, never followed.

    A 100% genuine product so beware of imitations!

    Live painting by finbarr dac, Ben Slow and Tom 'Inkie' Bingle
    Plus more to be announced.

    A whole decade of Urban - This could be your last chance to witness this phenomenon.


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