Heard this at Coastline a few times

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Vocal house tune with a male voice...

Feeeeeeeever, makes me.........

keep on dancin...

any clues?


kaskade just made a remix of the jazz classic 'fever'..
maybe you mean that one...
I seem to remember a track that goes something like:

feeever. makes me.. on and ooonn.. makes me.. on and ooon.

Not sure who its by, i'll dredge through some of my recent house tunage and see if i can find it. Was it a black male voice by the way?

Dancin by A Tribe Called Es (actuallly Roger Sanchez)

It's on the Release Yourself 2003 disc
Hmmm... Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Much appreciated. I have looked on the Roger Sanchez 2003 disk and found the tracklisting but no mention of it:

Soul rebels - the revolution will not be televised (plastic music remix)
Boca grande - push
Gattaca - supasax
Emmanuel - guajira
Rise ashen - second wind
Vibe residents feat dragonfly - the dj's calling
Dj oliver presents noche en granada - free my soul
Jason jinx feat paul alexander - your first time (jinx pull remix)
Sandy rivera feat haze - changes 9ben watt remix)
Jay-j & chris lum - freaks like us.

It IS a male vocal but not noticeably black. fairly mid tone to be honest.

I haven't been able to find a sample or in fact any more iinfo on the other suggestions.... :cry: