Heading to Ibiza tomorrow!!!!!!



Im heading to Ibiza tomorrow, flying from Belfast and staying in San An. If anyone else is doing the same let me know or if anyonefacnies meeting up give us a shout as well.

jammy bastard, i dont head out till next sunday, god you must b having such a buzz! :eek:
Damn right I am, I just cant wait for this bloody day to end and tomorrow to begin!!!

Where you staying next week and how many are goin with you??

12 of our mates are heading out next friday from belfast and then there are 8 of us heading out that sunday from dublin.
we are stayin at marian apts which i think is set right in san an, and the rest are stayin at club paraiso!

wat about u is there many of u goin?
Just me and the girlfriend. Staying in Piscis Park in San An.

there are a few couples in our clan too, my boyfriend is also goin, but its not goin to our typical foreign holiday were we have time to ourselves, im not even sleepin in the same room as him , for gods sake!!
We aint goin for your typical holiday either. We've going to Ibiza for the past 2 years and really have to go each year just to blow off some steam, have a crackin time, meet new people and generally get away from all the shit in NI

well said cause im at the stage now where i feel like im living in another country, all that shit on the news and papers i just pass it by , on one ear and out the other! f*** it all

god i was goin in to one there....anyway hope you enjoy your hols... im sure you will maybe ill c u there, more than likley not, anyway dont go too crazy :rolleyes: .

ps. dont forget you have to go to sasha s b/day on the 1st september!

c ya