Hawtin Bashing

I think he's gona abit downhill since he started growing that haircut out , coincidence? I think not , bring back the one sided (ever so slightly camp) mop!
this did the rounds on RA a while back. especially like the m-nus earring banter and the conversations at el clodenis thing. :lol:
i bet hauskitten bought some pairs of those bloody ****ing ...
... m-nus earring ...
... s


they should take minimal to the next level and just make richie hawtin so minimal that, he doesn't even need to exist to exist anymore. Like, ultra modern...........


By the way... do you think him and Bruno would look like a really cute couple together? .. Seriously...
you're right he could be, and this is where I could very easily fall into the contradiction/hypocracy trap.

So, I can't answer for his personality because I've never met him. Although. he does portray himself as a douche bag but, everyones innocent until proven guilty.

But, MUSICALLY, I can't stand him. His music too me is just boring. Its very, art for arts sake. As if to say "look at me I'm differen't" but, not necissarily better (depending on your tastes tho.)

Also, I can see how wearing a squeegee could be cool.. ..... To a window cleaner. ..
And so, if window cleaners are into that, thats awsome, thats their thing, but personally, like squeegees aren't my kind of bling. I'm more a silver necklace kinda guy :p