Has anyone heard of the Red House at San Carlos?


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Finally found out where I was staying and supposedly it's called the Red House in or at San Carlos, or is it St. Carlos.

Anyhoo, if anybody has any info on it or pics that would be great.

i even have a number for it
34 971 326 670
I can't seem to find info on it though.......all i get when i try is what you said, an art gallery
maybe they also have apartments to rent? :rolleyes:

i will have to investigate!! :eek:


Positive Crystal.


Sorry, dj in-joke.
Positive Crystal is a bootleg doing the rounds that mixes Positive Education by Slam with Crystal by New Order. Good Choon.
very crackin!! :lol:

i sent one of my intrepid agents (MrKiki) to the beautiful village of san carlos and he came back with some gossip!! :eek:

according to him - red house is legally an art gallery but they also have not very legally some rooms to rent upstairs (thats why you wont find information about it)!! :rolleyes:

oh - and here is a picture of MrKiki:


InspectorMc ;)
no, ofcourse i'm glad you told me...
and you know i'm not really too concerned.
My friend barb is friends with the people who own where we are staying at so i am not worried about it. 8)
Secret Places..Shhhh

Hey I wonder if my place is the same kind of deal.. :?:
I'm stayin at El Puerto.. Hey spy guy.. Know about this one?