Has anyone booked up for next year?



Hi, me and my girlfriend have already been away this year, to the sunny shores of gran canaria. Now we are looking at booking our first holiday in Ibiza for end of may/start of june next year. Is anybody else going to be heading off there, most likely to san antonio bay around this time? Any couples who may want to meet up for drinks and meals? Let us know.
wouldn't both booking as i always get a flight only del and then stop and the same hotel as i do every year, only cost £235 all in, much cheapness me thinks :D
I guess thats always a thought if you know the area and have been there a few times and know the hotels, buses/taxis, currency etc, but I have never been to Ibiza before and think I had best stick with the package deal thing. Its not costing us much more than the price you stated for a half board deal with transfers and all that jazz.

I can see from other posts and sites that I have picked a good island. As I said before, if there are any other newbies that will be there about the end of may/start of june next year then let us know.
Ill do it when i get to the UK. leaving on the 7th of July - 16th and then back again the 2nd week in August. but i need to know the cheapest flight options. accomodation is already sorted, unfortunately im once again stuck in the bay. But thats life! :spank: when friends have no good taste :rolleyes:
no Biff, I dont. Sorry if it seemed that way. its different when u are residing, and not a tourist and have to live next to the bull thingy and the fish and chipz + 1 pint of lager for 5 euros kind of places! :)
yeah 5 of us havebooked for the end of june stayin in san an.been 4 times before so im really lookni foward to going back again :D
we want to book soonish although I can't find anywhere I wan't to stay this year!? Fancy something aorund Ibiza Town/Figuretes area. Anyone got any suggestions? Not too expensive though.