Happy Chappy for the week 20th-27th Sept 2003

swiss taff

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Saturday Night– went for a meal @ Café Macao which is located at the end of the port in Ibiza, around the corner past rock/base bar, very nice dishes, traditionally Italian but a wide variety on the menu****. Met James his lovely wife and little un in the Rock bar, had a good chin wag and a few drinks then they had to leave us cos of the little un. Half hour later James & his wife came back saying they managed to dump the little un off with some friends so we got another round in. Was great to meet you 3 and have a few drinks and chat, nice people :D Took the taxi boat over to El divino for Hed Kandi closing, club was nice, happy crowd, music bang on. Met Keith (Keifer) and his misses 8) nice to meet you fella, Chris (DJ Soulman) had a few drinks with chris. You looked like a man on a mission, hope you succeeded ;) Stayed until 5:30 then over to Pacha for funky room, perfect end to 1st night. :D

Sunday am - We love – Bora bora 1st at 3pm, was quiet so straight over to space, bit of a cock up with guest list but got sorted in the end. Straight onto the terrace and found the bint Barbie with TMT and Tracey Klingklubber… they were avin it big style as was to be expected, quick hello and a few random conversations then I left them to it. As with most peoples comments on the sound levels, they are disappointing unless you are right in front of the box, this proved quite difficult cos it was choca. Most of the day was spent moving around to different spots depending on how we were feeling :eek: :D Met Fusion briefly.
Memorable moments :D
FBS “love is in the air” closing track :cry:
David Phillips inside – what a funking set 9pm – 11pm. Started off with a bit of rocky electric guitar then a journey through many different genres, the crowd were well into it, He recorded it, so I will get a copy soon :D :D :D
Don’t know how people remember what tunes where being played as I just about remember how to go to the bog :eek:

Monday – Went for a meal @ Café Sydney Talamanca, down near Hotel El Corso, had a Surf & Turf, which was very nice ***. Went to Rock bar for a meet and greet with some friends then over to Pacha for Release Yourself. Was really going off in the main floor, spent a bit of time there then straight into the Funky room ))))))))))))). After Funky room closed went off down to the Good ship Manumission, straight into the back room which was full of happy gurning peeps :eek: stayed till 11:30 then home to apartment 8)

Tuesday – Meal in a restaurant next to Café Sydney (name???) also very good ***. Back to apartment for a few cheeky ones then over to the town. On the taxi boat over to El Divino where we were going to Pacha I got chatting to the dancers who were promoting Miss moneypennys that night around the town and they invited us in for a look around 8) it was buzzing with its disco house, this was only a stopping off point before we went over for Underwater. This was not as busy as I anticipated, but we only came for the Funky room, which was at the level I like :D had a stormer of a night there and knocked it on the head around 8:30 after a few drinks @Martins bar (right out of Pacha near the roundabout).
Seen Fusion ( sorry forgot your name) again all geared up with his lights, you stood out a treat there fella, but you still looked cool ;)

Wednesday-Had a meal again at Café Sydney, a few cheeky ones again back at the apartment then over the town. I spend most of the night @ Rock bar cos I know most of the people who own/work there and there is always an endless supply of Vodka shots (free) :eek: Met with Sarah (Barbie) & Tom (TMT) had a few drinks and some decent conversations…. well it was only 11:30pm :D 8) Yes she is exactly how you perceive her to be when you read what she puts in the threads. Top, top lass, Tom you seem to handle her quite well with your laid back approach, or was that just you being completely funked after 10 days previous :eek: Great couple :D 8) Over on the taxi boat as usual to Pacha for Subliminal closing party, yes it was full but nice full… you know what I mean ;)
Met Sarah & Tom in there and took them to the Funky room where we all shaked our booties, then we went out onto the terrace for a bit of a breather and sat down and had a chat about things, what about really I don’t know but was good entertainment :lol: Security tried to throw us out of the enclosed section up there but didn’t succeed 8) ;)

Thursday- Had a beautiful meal in a restaurant called Gusto, which is located opposite El Divino on Paseo Maritimo- Juan Carlos. Duck salad for starter then Chicken with thyme, jalapeno peppers on a bed of lemon grass risotto, and to wash it all down a jug of Champagne Sangria. Over to town for a couple hours then went to Pacha for MoS closing, got messy that night so don’t have a lot to say about things. Seen DT in the Funky room and he seemed to be happy to be there, he complimented my mate Matt (resident DJ) on having the place rocking, which put a smile on Matts face. This night lasted till Friday 5pm ish

Saturday - Home

If anyone has any input to this, It would be greatly appreciated, you know all those random conversations :eek: , unsteady moments :lol: etc

Hope you are all back home safe and well and I look forward to a repeat next year ;)
Awww happy happy days :D :D :D

Unfortunately I can't help you on any 'missing' moments, I'm still trying to locate mine :p ;)

Same time, same place next year eh :D
swiss taff said:
Oh temptation, temptation :confused: ...... so thats Tom sorted, what you goner wear :eek: :lol:

I was bringing them for you :p

By next year I will be older and wiser and much more sensible :eek: and won't be flashing my bum in 6" skirts :p You won't even recognise me :p :lol: ;)

And there's a pig just flying over my office :p
Barbie said:
swiss taff said:
Oh temptation, temptation :confused: ...... so thats Tom sorted, what you goner wear :eek: :lol:

I was bringing them for you :p I have wider belts than that :eek:
By next year I will be older and wiser and much more sensible :eek: and won't be flashing my bum in 6" skirts :p You won't even recognise me :p :lol: ;) Its not what you wear or lack of, that people recognise you, its your character which Im sure will never change ;)
And there's a pig just flying over my office :pAnd theres Neil on the back of it :D
Good to hear u had a great time!

And no doubt you're gonna be seeing alot of me on the island again next year :)

P.S: 'unsteady moments', what are those? :D :lol: ;)