Happy Birthday to..........

Nice one mate !! Happy b'day to the little cutie !! :lol:

I'ts amazing how quickly it goes, my Amelie is 18 months now, running around everywhere, dancing, talking (to a degree) ! From 1 year is the best, their characters really start to appear, she has me in stitches every day !!

Have a good one !! 8)
Happy birthday!

Yes they certainly grow up very quick.

Both of mine have an answer to everything and both of them seem to have season tickets to the naughty step which they both think is a bit of a jolly up!
Loving the bib! :eek:

I think I might get one with 30 on it for my next one. ;)

Happy birthday little one.
Happy birthday, little one.
Am envious of your girl, lucky you, I have only boys. My eldest is 18 tomorrow, SCARY ! Blink and you'll miss it, I swear when they start going to school full time, time just flies.
congrats to naiya and you and the family jason.

i'm really pleased everything has turned out really well for you. :D
What a cutie!

It took me until I was 5 to get that much hair! :lol:

and she's had it cut!! :lol:

Thanks everybody. She had a lovely day, her mum & nan took her up to a little farm/park near us so she could see all the animals. We now need a new house to fit all her new toys in! Someone bought her a lovely fur coat which she keeps patting and referring to as "teddy!!!" :lol:
She's gorgeous JJ! Get the missus on Jeremy Kyle for a lie detector asap!!!:lol:

Only joking of course squire - birthday wishes to her!8)