Happy Birthday Nick & Em!


We've got 2 Spotlight birthday today - Emma_1983 and Zarbtron.

Many happy returns to you both.


(if memory serves, Utagaura and Jez71 also share a birthday... anyone else?)
Happy birthday dearies!

Aren't you both 1983 babies as well?

hope you both get up to all sorts of trouble! xx ;)

(morbyd, you are the birthday king... do you actually remember or just stalk on facebook? :lol:)
Happy bouncing, Nick! And happy birthday to you too Emma. What was your surprise in the end?

Me and Dan X are both 12th October, but obviously he's got a few years on me.
Thanks everyone :lol:

My bday was wicked.

Sat in Dublin with the girls, hardly any sleep :lol: drink drink drink.

My surprise on Sunday from the bf was a spa retreat, with dinner and an overnight stay, was lovely, just what I needed! And I surprised myself by staying up till 1030 and not feeling at all tired :lol::eek::lol:

Got some lovely presents too, so generally a great 25th!!!