hairdresser turns robber into sex slave



Hairdresser turns robber into sex slave

A young hairdresser in Kaluga, Central Russia, locked a robber
who tried to steal her money in the basement of the beauty salon.
After that, she has brutally raped her hostage for three days.
A court in Kaluga has filed criminal charges against both of them,
the Russian website reports.

The robber, who has not been named, burst into the salon armed with shotgun
at about 17.00 on March 14. He demanded money.
There were two hairdressers and one client in the salon at the time.
One of hairdressers, who was studying judo and taekwondo, disabled the robber
with a smashing body blow.
Then she carried the unlucky robber to the basement and bound him
with a hairdryer cord.

The hairdresser told her scared colleague and the client that she would call the police.
But she did not.
After work, instead of calling the police, she made her hostage undress.
The perverted hairdresser forced the hostage to take several Viagra tablets. :lol:
She chained the unfortunate robber with pink furry wristbands
and painfully raped him for the next three days.

After his release, the exhausted robber filed charges against the perverted woman.
The frenulum of his penis was torn as a consequence of rape session.

“That’s ridiculous. :lol:
We had sex just a couple times. :lol: :lol:
I brought him brand new jeans. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I fed him every day and gave him one thousand rubles ($25) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
before his release,”
the hairdresser said.

In response, she filed charges against the robber.

The robber admitted that the hairdresser really did feed him royally.

“I actually don’t know what will happen to them.
But it’s a pity that they could not meet in the cell.
They would be a great couple,” one of the police officers said.
Only in Russia :lol:
I do love this place sometimes!
(by the way, 1000 rubles is about $30 dollars ;) A decent wage for a day's work in low-cost Kaluga!)
so crime does pay :D .. Hair dressers are usually hot, and if she's studying taekwondo and judo I'd say she'd be fit to. ........... Whats this knob head sueing her for? I'd rob her again ;)