guy in san an bay selling live sets on cd....anyone buy them


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i bought a tiesto cream set from a guy in san an bay this year......

its got a kinda purple cover with the cream logo. Did anyone else buy it? im just wonderin what the tracklist is!

you sure,normally these are just home recorded cd's from the sellers own collection,my mate bought a "judge jules judgement sundAY live set" from one of these guys and it turned out to be clubland 2 the ride of your life :rolleyes: plus i bought a radio1 live in ibiza 2002 with the promise it will have groove armada set and.......well lets just say it didnt have that on it :cry:
with the promise it will have groove armada set

do you believe the lookie-lookies? :lol:

yeah english guy with ling blonde hair!!!

mines is actually tiesto and my mate got a pvd one and its definitely a pvd set aswell its not a rip off!!

some lookies sell cd's!! i got the pacha album! :) ;)
well i'd be wrong saying i knew it was definitely tiesto!!
but it doesnt sound like it isnt tiesto??? :rolleyes: hehe

could be a fake but i love it neway ;)
I asked a blond english guy for a live Morillo set from Pacha last year, I think I remember saying 'Im goin to get my discman to check it and I WILL know if its not Erick so dont f*** me around boyo!'

He never came back

By this conclusion Im guessing his stuff was blag
I bought one two years ago, and when i got it home and put it in the player, the little bugger didnt even work!!!

Dont buy these cd's!!