Guilty Secrets (music wise)


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Somebody asked me this earlier today at work and wouldn't what others were prepared to own up to. I obviously stated that I was proud of my taste and anything I had ever bought. It only dawned on me later that I once bought a 2 Unlimited album, and quite enjoyed it at the time. I'm sorry.
That's not a guilty secret! You can't beat a bit of rubbish music from time to time.

I used to be a dance music purist through and through but caught myself listening to Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing the other day. :oops: :lol:

Does the Dad rock gene kick in when you hit 30 or something?
Guiltiest secret - I was present for the whole of David Guetta's set in global 2008 (and I danced) bear in mind I was coming out of the last trip of my heavy ket period ... it was the one that broke me. I was doing some soul-searching and Guetta appeared with his happy smiley face and music and saved the day :lol:
I don't think 2 unlimited count at all!

I think they're great! Absolute load of rubbish but still great! :lol:

Top of the guilty secrets for me would be any of the Urban $hite in today's charts which makes use of the God awful vocoder (anyone heard that Olive remake?) :eek:

Can someone own up to buying this? I need a scapegoat to blame for this sonic abortion and don't currently have one (bar the kids wandering around my estate).
I agree robder all that urban/r&b sh*te terrible beyond words
And why can't they do a song on their own why does it always have to feature somebody else.
And how about having some scantily clad girls washing a car in the video the originality is stunning.
I liked chipmunks song but only the girl singing part it was very wu tang-esque .. my new diamond rings

I think the new british tweenie hip hop and rnb set are better role models for kids than their gun toting American friends

personally I still prefer 187 on the undercover cop n rollin down the street smokin endo etc etc lol
I LOVE 2 unlimited! :lol:

Also, I still, once in a while break out my Roxette and Tiffany tapes (you the part in "I think we're alone now... the breakdown?... oh soooo good!!! 8) :lol:)

here are some more little treats..

Anything by "Chicago'
Culture Beat -(Mr Vain, anyone??)
Def Leppard

That's all I can think of for now