Groove Armada broken up???



Saw on Popbitch a rumor of Groove Armada being split up??? IS THIS TRUE??? Would be total, absolute shame... :(

See you on the island August 24-Sept 6!!!
I heard that from Popbitch too. I can’t see it being true (I hope not anyway). Maybe their just taking a well deserved break.
No. I so wish I’d got tickets. My brother lives in Clapham and I had intended to go down for this but as usual I left everything to the last minute and now its too late. :cry:
Yeah - sold out pretty quick. Supporting lineup is great though - may be worth looking on ebay if you want to go badly.
will be a cool bunch of folks down there i reckon.
It’s not just cos the tickets sold that I cant go, I left it too late to ask for time off work too so there’s no way I could go. :(
Popbitch is full of shit, Groove Armada aren't splitting up. They announced today that they're going to be doing a semi-live set at Tribal's warehouse party in a couple of months. As opposed to doing just a dj set.
Yeah you never know when Popbitch is telling the truth. Sometimes they are but a lot of the time they are just totally taking the piss.

I love getting my Popbitch emails they really make me laugh.
don't think this is true seen them @shine in belfast on sat and they put down the finest set ever i have witnessed,pure class
sean belfast - glad to hear GA is still "pushing things forward". I really need to see them live! Here's to hoping they show up in Ibiza sometime (when I am there!!!) 8)
they play space 10th of august.can't wait........tune of the night superstylin........
thank god hope its not true, they are AMAZING, homelands they kicked arse! and looking forward to hearing then at space on 7th Sep!!!

soooooooooooooo looking forward infact :D :p
Their 'Easy' tune is on the Space CD, excellent track, perfect for the terraza.
EASY is a great tune, I agree that it's one of the best of the year...there is definitely some room for somebody to Remix it as well. The whole Love Box CD is really one of my favorites of all time! So many styles, excellent grooves...
So I saw on someone's post they are playing Sept 7th...we are leaving the 6th of Sept!!! AWWWWWWW MANNNNNNNNN!!!! :evil: