Good news in Ibiza-spotlight

But I think that would be illegal :rolleyes:
Any venue of that type has to provide some services to customers which include full-working toilets. At least I think laws should have taken this into account.

Where I live anyone can use the tap to cool down your face or even drink if you want, but prices are so good that there's no need to do this.

When drinkable water flow throughout Ibiza, I think the clubs would have to do some sort of little trick (probably illegal) if they wanted the prices of water to remain the same. It would be at their own risk.
Well.... They probably have some hidden shady stuff, like thousands of clubs in the rest of the world.
About prices, unfortunately they have the right to arrange them as they want. :(
or maybe the entrance price will just go up.

btw. this is really great news if it means tap water throughout tie island is drinkable. Nice brushing teeth times, clean ice etc etc.

Is it illegal to turn off the taps in a club in Spain?
rustywoo said:
Is it illegal to turn off the taps in a club in Spain?

Not sure, but I think it should. I've never seen a club with the taps off. That would be real despicable. Moreover I guess the clubs have to be inspected periodically, and hand out a sheet of complaints to the authorities.
this is shaping up to be the best news of the year so long as the clubs can't find a way around it
Some clubs where I'm from (Boston) have been known to turn off the cold water, where only hot water came out of the wouldn't surprise me if the clubs in Ibiza did the same. It boils down to lost money for the clubs in my opinion, so why wouldn't they try to screw us some other way.....
Will the bartenders give you a cup of ice in Ibiza??? Or would this be something you would have to pay for.... Anyone have any other tricks to not spend all your money on water?
is not just hipe

think you find it the same as 2 years ago clubs and promoters where told to introduce maximum numbers for their events san

manumisson, 5.000, they would still let in 7000.
this is only hyperthetical. but like the maximum number in clubs policy who is going to inforce it.....?
I think it's a disgrace that in this modern era, where we can send photo's of bare ar-se cheeks by mobile phone, stream video's over the internet and enjoy a microwaved Full English brekkie in 2 can't get drinkable cold water in Ibiza clubs. For the good of people's health and safety, surely this must be imperative. I can't believe the admission fees alone don't make up for the cost of bottle water they would lose, especially at their current levels. And while I'm on one, it's not even the bloo-dy clubs that are at it, the bars are as bad.'s been around for years.....funnily enough....jusk ask the penguins. Is it that hard to provide "clean" ice without fear of getting Delhi belly??? :twisted: Sort it out people.

Dr Fox, I think you will find that salination has been a problem in Ibiza for many years now.

I think we should be thanking the Goverment of Spain and the Councillors of Ibiza for finally installing equipment to deal with it.
i think we've mentioned before that it's not just in clubs where drinking water is a problem. it's everywhere! the water here is so full of salt and calc because the natural supply has been overused. plus it's not just drinking that's a problem, my dishwasher explodes every year becasue of the build up of chemicals on the element, and on a good day all my glasses come out the same colour as milk. the poor quality of the water affects everything it touches. the connection of the desalination plants should improve the situation no end......

That is truly wikkid news! Free water in the clubs... I really hope they don't find a way around this to screw us partygoers over. If they do jack up the door prices, that's still better than having to buy a 6 euro bottle of water every 20 minutes :D
So is it safe to drink water in Ibiza at all.... Like if you're at a restaurant, do you have to get bottled water??? :?: