going to Ibiza july 4th


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hey guys and girls, just thought id share that my sister and i are going to San Antonio Bay, july 4th for a week, for my birthday, (pretty good present huh?!) were staying at the Ses Savines Hotel and im pretty sure its close to the main town part of ibiza, am i right here? dont know alot as iv never been before, also i have never flew so im pretty damn excited for next saturday!

were trying to sweet talk dad into buying us tickets to see DJ Tiesto on the 6th at Privallage? i think he will give in as he's in love with his music so i think he's a bit jelous! ;) it would be quality!

anything i should know or places to visit, let me know!?
really want to give waterskii-ing ago aswell so hopefully if we have enough dosh i could do that (sister wont do it though, shes a puff!) :lol:

Hi Portia

Welcome to the forum :D

OK, if you haven't done it yet, read through everything on the main Ibiza Spotlight website (www.ibiza-spotlight.com or follow the links in the column to the left). It's the best background info about Ibiza available on the web and will give you tons of ideas on how to enjoy your trip.

For example, the Beaches section tells you which beaches have water sports facilities.

If you're staying in San An Bay then you're on the opposite side of the island from Ibiza Town :lol: But you'll be near the island's second city, San Antonio, which has plenty of things to do.

That said, you'll want to get out and explore, so rent a car or grab a bus or taxi over to Ibiza Town and have a look around, especially the old town (Dalt Vila)

And read through these forums for things like restaurants and club reviews (great search function built in to the site). Again, lots of ideas of things to do.

Hope you enjoy your trip!