Going to Ibiza for the 1st time..got questions



I'm going to go to Ibiza for the first time and was wondering what the best partys are each day...I really like trance and bad ass anthems...love eddie halliwell,tiesto,Pvd,daniel bailey,etc. wheres some good places I should definatly go to...also what are some good cheap bars?

Ya man i checked that out looks like thursday w/ cream and judgment sunday looks awesome...definatly going to be there...
Enjoy BaZarTrance - there's nothing like that first visit to Ibiza! and it just gets better with each visit, you learn something new each time, whether it be how to save on costs, find new places, or just discover what you like/dislike about the place, but one thing is for sure, you will be guaranteed to come back a different person...... Enjoy! :D
its great - its worth coming back on the board for! Not that I have anything against randomness - being totally random myself, but its nice to read and reply to posts that have relevance ..... ;)
puppylover said:
Enjoy BaZarTrance - there's nothing like that first visit to Ibiza!

Definitely agree with that statement :D . I went this year for the first time for two weeks and it was very unique experience :D :D . And, I was coming from CA, where the nightlife is significantly better than Austin. BTW are you a Longhorn or are you a student at ACC? I am an Ex-Longhorn; class of '99 (Fall).