Going solo June 10th - June 14th

Discussion in 'Meet me in Ibiza' started by AbbieFromYorkshire, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. AbbieFromYorkshire

    AbbieFromYorkshire New Member

    Going solo for the first time and to Ibiza for the first time , nervous but mostly excited!!! anyone out there on these dates?? X
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  2. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    Dear Abbie , maybe u should give details about ur stay ?

    location? San antonio? playa dem bossa? ibiza town,
    kind of music into & so on as for now, looks like people a little shy or people will book later...

    Everybody is excited to go to ibiza :D even after 20 trips..

    an institution for those into USA Rock :cool:, Bod Dylan look a like to summup.
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  3. apuibiza

    apuibiza Active Member

    Hi.. Im in Santa eulalia... Facebook?
  4. Nicole#85

    Nicole#85 New Member

    Hi Abbie, if you ever fancied going back in October for the closing party’s let me know I’m planning on solo for the first time but not first time in Ibiza. Where you staying? X
  5. Hemant Khajja

    Hemant Khajja New Member

    Yep abbie!! Will be in ibiza during that time!! Travelling solo! Let's connect through Facebook?
  6. Connor whitewhouse

    Connor whitewhouse New Member

    Im planning to go solo also it will be my 1st time going to Ibiza and 1st time going on holiday alone im very excited and yet also nervous i cant make up my mind on which dates id like to go lol
  7. nick.g

    nick.g Member

    i will be there on the 10th for 8 days staying at the mari2 in san an its my first time to going solo
  8. beautybytee

    beautybytee New Member

    I’ll be there 11-20th. Let’s meeet up!
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  9. nick.g

    nick.g Member

    I will be now staying at ses savines yes let's meet
  10. fhmsparkle

    fhmsparkle Active Member

    I’ll be around from 11th-13th staying in san an :) has anyone got a WhatsApp or Facebook group going yet?
  11. AbbieFromYorkshire

    AbbieFromYorkshire New Member

    Hey you here now? Where you staying? My number is 07739415719 I'm in San an xxx
  12. AbbieFromYorkshire

    AbbieFromYorkshire New Member

    07739415719 x
  13. AbbieFromYorkshire

    AbbieFromYorkshire New Member

    Anyone up for coming to Eden tonight? X
  14. nick.g

    nick.g Member

    i had a change of plan i am now going from the 11th of july to the 19th of july staying at ses savines hotel but have a good time

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