Going Alone ......



Hi everyone .
This is my first post ( as you can tell) :D , but i have been following this board for quite sopm time now.
My friends pretty much let me down goign to Ibiza on the 14th , so I said *** it I will go by myself.
Last time I have been there was 4 years ago , but I will find my way around.It would be cool to meet up with some people on this board as you seem to be wicked clubbers :twisted: .
I am 27 , from Austria (not a "beer boy" ) and i believe pretty fun to be around.
I will be in Jet from 14th-20th of August.
nish said:
ull b fine mate, theres a spotlight meet on wed if u make it- I completely missed it! :(

your not the only one lol! :oops:

dont worry Vienna, i went alone and met loads of folks and i'm a shy person. i didnt feel i had to hold back at all cause everyone was into having the best time. have fun!! :p
Thank you everyone... I will be leaving in 14 hours and be staying at the aparthotel garbi on playa d´en bossa....
I will tell you all about it when I return..
C ya...