Clockwork Orange and The Gallery have got Tues nights @ Eden this year, I think Gods and Gatecrasher are battling out for Tues night spot at Amnesia.

That dont explain why they dont seem to be back on the island alltogether does it? Could it be anything to do with the rights to the name? remember a fuss about this a couple of years back with amnesia owning the rights and charging a fortune for people to use them unless they have their nights in amnesia. thats probably why Gatecrasher is there
due to their demise last year (lets face it, it was a let down) they could be doing special one-off parties!!!

Don't know about one off events but they are def not in Ibiza this year resident anywhere as I was speaking to a few of the GK guys at the event in Belfast on Easter Monday. Shame, although I have many good memories of their events on the island ;)
So does that mean Gods have Tuesdays all to themselves now that Gatecrasher are out of the running - is it confirmed??

Hope so...
Whoops - i wrote my last post the wrong way round.

Sorry, but what I meant to ask was if Gatecrasher will have Tuesdays all to themselves now that GK are not going to be back???
Gatecrasher are Amnesia tuesdays

Since my clubbing days of 96 we have allways been denied a Scott Boond set with garecrasher at Amnesia.. 2k3 will fufil this..
I don't think I've ever managed to catch any of Armin VB's sets - I've got a couple of mix cd's of his and they're decent but never seen him live...

Ahh - the joys of staying in such a happening place like Aberdeen (not)