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Hey guys and girls,

I work for Global X Connect a new promotion agency in Ibiza. If you are looking for an exciting, fun and rewarding experience where you can gain great pay through high rates of commission, cheap accommodation and tons of business experience (we also have internship roles) then I would stress highly to read this with interest. I worked for a similar company years previously and had one of the best summers of my life, now I am excited to say that I'm part of a new company and it would be great to see some of you there in Ibiza summer 2018!

*** Global X Connect Summer Job Ibiza 2018*** LOOKING FOR PROMOTERS FROM MAY-OCTOBER!!

Global X Connect is a promotion agency in Ibiza that’s is focused about optimizing the holiday experience of tourists by offering wide range of services and events like: Boat parties, Pre parties, Pool parties, Club tickets (Ushuaia, Pacha, Hi, Amnesia, DC10, Privilege), Yacht Rental, Villa rental, VIP tables, Restaurants, Sunsets, Island excursions & much more.

We are looking for Promoters ́Ibiza guides ́ that like to help making holiday experiences more memorable for tourists visiting in Ibiza!

As a Promoter of Global X Connect you ́re not limited to promote certain events! You ́re able to promote all the services and events that Ibiza has to offer. With this great portfolio you are easier to fulfill client’s holiday needs.

WIN-WIN situation: You earn commission per sold service or event and tourists getting great value for money deals that save money!

You will be daily speaking and approaching an unlimited amount of tourists from different nationalities, which will increase your language communication skills and cultural knowledge.

What will be your job as a PROMOTER?

To approach all potential tourists, introducing them Global X Connect services and

optimize their holiday experience.

You will be an ́ Ibiza Guide ́ and connect clients to all different kind of services or events

that Ibiza has to offer in order to provide then the ultimate Ibiza holiday experience. Where will you work?

You will be working mainly on the streets, ticket points or beach in Playa Den Bossa.

What do we offer?

2 Unique selling Points:

✓ Promoters are independent and can promote a wide range off services and

events or product based on client preferences

✓ Distinct Personalized Sales Workshops are provided from the best professionals

within the industry. (Over 6 years of experience from the best sales veterans on the island)

Besides this:

✓ Best commission on the island from €2 -€50 depending per package

✓ A team with highly motivated colleagues and a great working environment.

✓ Weekly professional workshops and single training sessions in direct sales &

Indirect Sales

✓ Sales Targets & Incentives

✓ Cheap staff accommodation

✓ Spectacular and unforgettable team events

✓ Club passes and discounts (free entrances) to the biggest clubs of Ibiza ✓ Sales certification for further references

✓ Recommendation letter for further references

Job requirements:

✓ High flexibility in the field of working hours and changes of working areas

✓ Strong communication and language skills (good English plus 1 alternative


✓ Friendly and appealing appearance

✓ Positive energy

✓ High level of self-motivation and independent working moral

✓ Target orientated

✓ A special talent to reach people’s attention

✓ At least 6 weeks availability to work (May-October)

How to Apply:

✓ CV with two pictures (portrait and full body)

✓ Questionnaire (see below)

✓ Motivation letter why you are the right one for this job and send it to the

following email address: Questionnaire about yourself!

✓ How would you describe your personality?

✓ How many languages do you speak and rate between a scale 1-10 how well

you speak them?

✓ What is your profession at the moment?

✓ Do you have any experience in sales?

✓ What qualifications do you have for this job?

✓ Why do you want to do this job?

✓ How did you hear about this job? .

✓ How long would you like to work with us?

✓ What other positions are interesting to you?

Global X Connect website: @gxcibiza @globalxconnect

Or if you have any further questions please message me or contact

We hope to see you in Ibiza summer 2018!
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