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Hi, I'm organising a trip for 8 to Cala Salada / San Antonia. I need to arrange a minibus to collect from airport and deliver to villa on arrival, and then to do the reverse at end of week. A bus company was mentioned on a previous thread but there was no telephone number on their website, which makes it useless .. I like to speak to people! Can anyone recommed a reputable minibus company that can do that and provide me with a telephone number to make the booking.

Also, what is the going rate for such a trip?

Secondly, then getting about to clubs etc. The party is 8 strong. Do minibuses deliver and collect? I guess they must do. Again any recommendations. Or are there always a steady strem of taxis available as everyone spills out of clubs in the early morning. I see Amnesia is in the middle of the island. There must be a normal and established service to get people there and then back after they are done?

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There's always taxis about - legal and illegal ones.

Plenty of buses available - the clubs put on there own free buses that take you to and from the clubs - they run through the night.

And there is a bus service from the new bus station that leaves every 30 minutes from san antonio to san rafael (where amnesia is) only 3 euros.

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