general things about starting biz in ibiza?



Im looking to start a pizza place, and bar in the next couple years, due to the terrible state of pizza on the island. Ive got a couple business going already, and Ive wanted to do this for a while, now I may make this happen!

Im looking for commercial space either in san an, or ibiza, in the center area. Must be in a busy area.

How much do retail spaces usually go for? how long are leases usually? per square meter? What are the politics of liquor licenses when paired with restaurants? other licenses?

Ill be looking to buy or rent.

please contact me at or just reply here.
i can't help you on prices but i can say that a lot of paperwork will be involved for food and liquor licenses. there are different types of food license, and with pizza you may get away with one which states that the food is preprepared off the premises - easier to get than a full restaurant license. also most bars/cafes seem to be owned by ibicencans and then rented out for various periods of time - the longer the lease, the cheaper the annual cost.

just as an aside two of the finest italian pizza places are just a cockstride form my house - mandolino with christian cooking, and the kiosko run by stefano (and with home made italian ice cream too)

to continue my negativity, I have NEVER had to suffer a pizza and never will - I prefer properly cooked food
PS - the same applies to curry - a pathetic attempt to mask gone off food by spices
thanks guys for your replys. If that is in fact a word!

Ive been checking out space online, it seems relatively cheap.

A bar license is not key really. I want to run a really homegrown operation with my current costa rican girlfriend....folks will love here there, totally homegrown and beautiful girl! (who im sure will not be my partner at time of operation! :) )

Im not looking to get rich, but to just have a business that makes money each year, and gives me an excuse to hit the island! I dont have one now, i dunno why i need a restaurant for that!!! hehehe.

tell me more about these joints!!! Im otally interested. Im from the NYC area, have been travelling the whole on N america, central america, south america, and western europe the last 4 years, and still, have seen nothing that compares to the pizza in my hometown about 30 mins from NYC. Italian NYC style. Theres also another joint that does some good greek style pizza a town over, but its incredibly greasy and salty... greek i geuss!!

and Tony, as Ive vexed before on many a message board... Euro pizza has a laxative topping. I am very upset! Im bringing my hometown style to ibiza! I got into a massive argument with my friend a couple summers ago about this same topic... his arguement was that pizza is crappy and people are buying it at that quality, so why f*** with it? I say, why not? its only slightly more expensive to do it up! Pizza, as a meal, not as a mask as a meal. At current, its more of an appetizer. Makes you poop to boot. Do the place up, put some decks in the joint, tile mosaids, fine waitresses, etc... why do restaurants in spain have to be so cut-rate? Thats my main complaint in Ibiza besides scousers.

hit me back guys, i enjoy your comments!
why put in decks?
there's 80% of your client base alienated at a stroke.
also i don't think you'll have much chance to 'hit' ibiza running a bar here. it's hard work and extremely competetive.

its fun.

Yes, it is hard work. I worked in several on the island. However, it would be more of a side-bar... a supplement to the restaurant. A good way to generate some extra income on top.