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I am visiting London for the first time in July before heading off to Ibiza. I was just wondering if someone can tell me a good section to stay in as I have no knowledge of London at all... How is Soho/Covent Garden? Trafalgar Square I believe is where on of the hotels that i was looking at is.

Thanks in advance.
Do you mean for shopping, clubbing, drinking, restaurants???

Covent Garden is good for shopping, nice bars, restaurants, can get a bit touristy at wkends but apart from that it's nice and quite picturesque. The End club is close to Covent Garden as well which is always a good night.

Soho has got a lot of gay bars, sex shops but it's got a real cosmo feel to it in summer, you can sit outside the bars and have a drink and pretend you're in the Med.........well kind of :rolleyes:

It depends what you're after really. Notting Hill has got nice bars/restaurants, Knightsbridge is all fancy if you want to to visit all the swanky clothes shops, Kensington is nice, there's loads of places. Wherever you stay you won't be far from the action :D
sheeva said:
I would like to thank you for such an in depth answer... much appreciated!!

Are you taking the pish?? Sorry all I do is talk about clothes shops, clubs, bars etc been the shallow bint that I am :rolleyes: :p PM if you need any more info and I'll try and give you a bit more intelligent answer :D
hotel in London

If you want a really central location (and hereby save a LOT of money on cabs and so on) try the REGENT PALACE HOTEL, it´s on Picadelly and the hotel itself isn´t really that "PALACE´ish" if you catch my drifft.

You can either choose to share batheoom with others in the hall or pay an additional amount and have wc/bath in your room. The rooms are quite old and haven´t been refurbished since the 80 ´I believe, but it´s ok + you dont want to spend money on hetels when you go shopping - you will then soon regret it!!!!

have fun! London is soooo cool!
I'm hoping to stop in London for a weekend upon my return from my Italian vacation. If I'm going to go out on a Fri. and Sat. nite where should I go, I love house music. My friend isn't a big clubber but she said she would try to last as long as she could or at least leave me in the hands of nice people so that I can have fun.

My timing is the last weekend in June... Thanks!
saturday night is fabric night. the best sounds in london by a mile. and a tasty venue too.
Also, you could try The End(for slightly harder stuff), pacha (if you like coked up models), Ministry of Pounds(for leery tourists) or brixton for skanky squat parties.