gatwick to heathrow



how far apart are they? whats the best way to get from one to the much would it cost?

the bloke
hmm distance wise about 40 miles...u can get a coach hmm or a train...i think u go from heathrow into london then out again or u could get a taxi but that will cost about £60 the best bet will be the train me thinks
The easiest way to get between the two is to take the Speedlink coach. I have done this many times and have never had any problems. The journey takes around an hour and coaches leave every 15 minutes during the day and every half hour in the evening. There are signs in the airport which tell you where to get it. I think it costs around £15 each way.

The Heathrow Express is the train from Heathrow into London Paddington station so that will be no good for you.