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Taken from: http://www.digitaldancefloor.co.uk/garlands/ibiza.html

Garlands are delighted to announce that they have secured a weekly summer residency at Ibiza’s coolest new club, Pin Up in Playa Den Bossa. Pin Up is a relatively new club to Ibiza and is owned by the people behind Base Bar and the celeb hang out, Hotel Es Vive.

Garlands will be throwing weekly parties every Tuesday, commencing Tuesday 1st July 2003 running through to mid-September. Continuing with their theme of daytime clubbing the parties will begin at 4pm on the Pin Up Terrace and run for 14 hours finishing at 6am Wednesday morning inside.

There will be a split music policy for their parties with the Terrace adopting a funkier Balearic house sound. Garlands residents Dave & Huey will be accompanied by performances from the likes of the Cuban Brothers and Gramma Funk. Meanwhile the inside will adopt the Garlands harder music policy with resident Rob Tissera, Dave Booth and guests.

Garlands made their debut in Ibiza in 2001 in the back room of Eden and became and instant hit with the workers. They returned to Ibiza in 2002 hosting 6 free themed parties at different locations around the island. Their parties were widely regarded as the most exciting events on the island last year due to the locations and effort clubbers made to dress to the themes.

Commenting on the summer ahead, promoter and DJ Hugh Garry said: “If anyone thought our parties last summer were good then they won’t know what’s hit them by the end of September. We plan to theme every party again and bring in some of the best entertainers on the island. What we’re most excited about is the venue. Every few years something new happens in Ibiza that rocks the entire island. In 97 it was Bora Bora, in 2000 it was DC10. This year Pin Up will be THE most talked about club on the island, with Tuesdays being the day to go. Garlands have always partied on Tuesdays because it finishes off a mammoth 48 hour bender that many of our clubbers partake in. It all starts on Monday morning at DC10, continuing Monday evening at Manumission, followed on at Space Tuesday morning, across the road to Bora Bora in the afternoon, then they finish the session off with Garlands – where ever it has been. With a beautiful terrace, an explosive inside room and reasonably priced bar, I can’t think of a better club on the island suited to Garlands.”

Garlands resident Rob Tissera commented on the prospect of joining the team for the summer: “I can honestly say that this could be the most exciting summer of my long and varied career as a DJ. After last year Garlands had the choice of any club on the Island, rather than going for one of the safer established clubs, they went for the newest venue on the island which is a brave decision. They’ve decided to use a small team of DJs comprising of some established DJs and plenty of new talent. Alongside myself expect to see the likes of Petrae Foy and Jez and Charlie making regular appearances. Summer can’t come quick enough…”

Garlands @ Pin Up, Playa Den Bossa

Every Tuesday from July 1st 2003
DJs, Dave & Huey, Rob Tissera.

How big is Garlands gonna be this summer?
Look out Space, heres comes PinUp terrace! :D
pin up is going to be a success on tuesday's, but it will never be bigger or ,ore 'famous' than the space terrace....
Robo said:
pin up is going to be a success on tuesday's, but it will never be bigger or ,ore 'famous' than the space terrace....
It already is physically bigger than the Space terrace (have you actually been to PinUp terrace?) :lol:
what i like about the
terrace is the cool sunbeds!! 8)

Where is Pin Up? Somebody I know was on about it last year but I didn't ask where it was.
Barbie said:
gecko2 said:
Where is Pin Up? Somebody I know was on about it last year but I didn't ask where it was.

Playa den Bossa, definitely worth a visit or 5 :D

Where in Playa Den Bossa? I stayed in Playa Den Bossa and knew my way around as in Space, Bora Bora and DC10 but didn't see Pin Up. At least from what I vaguely remember I didn't :lol: