Funky House?



Any1 got any good recomendations for funky house nights in ibiza.....i know there subliminal, miss moneypenny's etc. Anymore good nites?? :lol:
We Love Sundays in the daytime is funky.
DC10 is funky tribally stuff.
Ministry @ Pacha, Pure Pacha will be quite funky (depends on what wks you'll be there but some of Tongy's guests are people like Morales, Krivit, Humphries), Def Mix @ Pacha, Roger Sanchez @ Pacha.
Soul Heaven @ Pin-Up
Hed Kandi @ El Divinos

Basically you're spoilt for choice for funky house in Ibiza.
Yer cheers, looks like pacha's the place to be for funkier stuff, but obviously going to pay a visit to we love'd be a crime not to!!! cu aug 2nd-16th x
mrs. d. said:
My husband says Garlands should do the trick for my funky house cravings ;)
Garlands is absolutely class but be aware that at midnight they'll close the terrace (where dave and huey will be playing all the funky stuff) and open the inside (which will be hard house, especially with sundissential)
My plan of action is to go to garlands at 4 pm spend all day on the terrace and at midnight either go to underwater@pacha or miss moneypennies@el divino.
Just depends what mood I'm in. But dont miss dave and huey, the cuban brothers will be there aswell and they are a right scream! :lol: :lol: