Fund to support Space ibiza resident surgery


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I dont know If some people remember Marco Loco ,Space ibz resident but he is raising fund for a surgery..i play min participation with 20 Us $
To your kindness

Hola amigos :)

I am trying to raise funds to cover surgery for my broken wrist...

Unfortunately I was knocked off my motorcycle by a young local. Thankfully, the boy was ok but in the collision, the bike landed on my wrist. There was witnesses who confirmed I was not at fault... The family have helped to pay for some of the costs so far but now escalating and they are unable to help anymore which I fully understand.

I just found out that my wrist isn’t healing properly and I need surgery ASAP in order to re-break and reset the bone. The current estimate for the surgery is$6,000-$10,000USD. My insurance won’t cover the cost (as they only cover the first three months of my trip and due to COVID, I decided to stay) and I am unable to pay for the treatment on my own right now.

My amazing bro has helped me to create a fundraiser <3

I will be playing a special set of my new production on Friday 4pm Thai time / 10am UK / 11am Ibiza / 7pm Sydney / 2am Oakland

I know we are all in difficult times right now, any donations whatsoever would be greatly appreciated ?

Link to fund Marco Loco surgery