** FUEL Birmingham 14th November **

lil' Joey

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Well after all this time, i have finally made it to Fuel in birmingham. I was not to sure what to expect. The new venue Polaris has very sophisticated disco feel about it. You enter and walk down 3 flights of stairs, lovley long brown curtains on the walls. You then walk through various corridors that have bars and seating areas, very nice. I will say i like the venue, but it does have this very new feel about it, and with the ceiling so high, it does feel very open. Anyway about the music.
Fuel is a traditional house night, from funky to slightly deeper stuff. Then standard of tunes that i heard played from 10:30 till 2:30 was ok, nothing really stood out for me as the one dance floor clincher, althought mambobirdette was very happy when bodyswerve was played. I did feel as though the crowd were there more to pose than to enjoy the music, and like wise i don't think the DJ's tryed to hard to play to or with the crowd.
Over all i enjoyed myself, but then again i had some good company :oops: . For £8 on a friday night you can't really go to far wrong, just would like to see a bit more interactivity between DJ and crowd.
Li' Joey :D
Stop your moaning lad, i was there, what more can you want :rolleyes: :p ;)

Had really good night, even managed to get an extra fag burn to add to the collection!!. Steve never did pull that girl in the end after all his efforts :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'll remember to bring my cat next time :p
I am not moaning, it is just me jornalistic integrity coming out. And Mambo you should realise i would never moan about you :oops:
hey i was there that night joey.
was good! last time i was at fuel was when it was at bonds.