FREE place to stay



Dear Girls,

I'm from Brazil and I'll be in Ibiza next August (03 to 17).

I've booked and paid a very nice hotel to stay with 4 more friends, but two of them have just gave up! So I'm offering a free place to stay for two girls.

Of course we need to know each other before accept this invitation, so send me an e-mail if you want to chat...
Not wanting to be too forward, but would you consider two gentlemen?
Us: 2 Firefighters from Santa Cruz California, 1 spanish speaking, both of us paramedics (useful for hangover and sunburn advice). Also new to Ibiza. Thanks in advance. Ciao
Maybe he would prefer girls to do specific things with....:)

I wouldn't have a problem with two male firefighters.. but ok.. I don't have free places...