For a new regulation of day and night time leisure [by Pepe Rosello]


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Seems like the club/hotel owners have seen that Pepe's vendetta agenda would only hurt the whole scene on the Island. I bet that by closing down any of the major clubs, the overall pull of Ibiza would go down, thus leading to the downfall of the rest. Also personally... I really don't give much credit to bunch of old millionaires fighting over money


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Abel Matutes senior having a go, without mentioning his name, at Pepe Rosello on TEF television right now for his constant attack to daytime venues. That they hate each other is a well known fact but that one of them take it to this level in the press... that was totally unexpected. The interviews with good ol' Matutes are always entertaining and leave many headlines but he is on fire tonight.
Just watching the local news on TEF. Apparently this interview from last june was the reason why these two ended up having to appear in the court today. Matutes didn't turn up though...


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Shame this finishes before I go. I’d have liked to have seen it. Watched the Welles film a few years ago.


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Pepe is involved in a new disco association called Ibiza de Noche. It includes the four San Antonio clubs (Amnesia, Privilege, Es Paradis and Eden) plus other venues to be revealed in january, when it will be officially presented. Don't expect any beach club to be part of it though as they broke the economy of Ibiza, they say...

Instead of all of them joining forces in only one association, the "disco wars" continue... Ocio de Ibiza vs Ibiza de Noche!

* as you might remember, Privilege and Es Paradis' aversion towards daytime venues is nothing new.

Late april and we still don't know officially who's in Pepe's new association. What we know is that finally Amnesia (along with Concept Hotel Group and Circoloco) have joined the other clubs association, Ocio de Ibiza. I bet he's not a happy chappy at the moment...

The article also talks about Mar-T taking over the direction of Amnesia.
November already and Pepe's new association Ibiza de Noche hasn't been officially launched. We don't even know what clubs want to be part of it... only Es Paradis and Eden? I wouldn't count on Privilege...

Aaah Pepe, Pepe, Pepe... what's going on???