Flamingo Night / Armada Opening


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Guyz a little advice here please


Go to Armada/Release yourself opening


Flamingo @ pacha with Fedde Le Grand ?

bearing in mind that AVB might not be playing in the opening !!!

Without him is Armada worth it ?

Armada opening will be a better night than Flamingo Nights if you want a bit of variety in my opinion- you've got house with Sanchez on the terrace that you would get at Pacha anyway - but with the added bonus of trance in the main room at Amnesia.
Well, ultimately it depends on Armada's line up. How much Armin is miss will obviously depend on who he gets to fill his shoes... and believe me, there are DJs out there who can do that.

But, yeah, generally speaking, I think it's fair to say that Armada will still be well worth going to, even without Armin.
Yeah that's what i thought too ..

Armada opening line up with or without AvB must be something u can't miss ...

Hmm but i wonder who will spin though .. no clues yet which is driving me crazy ..

oh well soon enough we'll know :lol: