First Timers Week in review 9/6 - 9/12


first timer

First I'd like to thank James and the rest of this website and all the crazy spotlight members for all there insight and do's and don'ts. I'd would never have had such a great time without all your help. And two, if you can't have a good time in Ibiza, check your f - 'in pulse!
Me and wifey-boo, jetted out of Chicago Thursday 9/6 on Iberia airlines.
Great airline, especially with the complimentary all you can drink bar in the back of the plane. Landed and headed over to Hotel Goleta in Playa en Bosse. Excellent, full service hotel. Close to everything, plus full buffet breakfeast and dinners included for 144 euros a night. The hotel is about five minute walk to Bora Bora and 10 minute walk to Space.
Got to the hotel, hung out by the pool and decided to check out the beach.
We stopped by one of the hundreds of beach bars and downed a couple two for one beers and headed down to Bora Bora. Around three the crowd was in full swing. Beautiful women dancing on chairs, tables, etc.
It was great everytime a plane would screech by, the crowd would roar.
So after pounding a few Sangrias, went back to the hotel, had massive sex and then headed to Ibiza Town. Scrambled around the D'alt Villa and had an excellent dinner at Angelos. Went down to the harbor and strolled through the packed crowds. It was great. The people watching was unbeliveable. I was amazed to find gays, club kids, middle aged men and families all together in such a hyped up area. (At least in Chicago, people stay in their own groups.) Couldn't figure out the bus system, or find a taxi so we wandered around and finally found the hotel. (40 minute walk)
Crashed around 3 am.

Day two - Up at 10 am and decided to cab it over to La Salineas beach. Cost about 11 euros. One word amazing. Beautiful beach, I've never seen so many hot women prancing around topless and nude before. I've been to Costal Del Sol, Italian Rivera, Miami, Caribeean, Las Vegas. This beach had the best sights ever! We strolled over to the nude side past Sa Trincha and find a quiet little cover between Cavellett and Le Salineas.
I decided to bare all, wife only toppless, and hung out there for a while.
Headed back to Le Salinas, and ended up at Sa Trincha, for a pitcher of Sangria There we got a free pass to Privilidge that night, if you enter
betweek 8 - 11:30pm.
Later that night, after massive sex, we took a long bus ride out to San Antonio. We must of bypassed the West End, around by the bus station and along the coast and ended up at Mambo around 9pm. We had a great time, chilling and drinking round after round of gin and tonics and Coronitas. Watching the fire dancers, etc. I walked out of the Cafe for a while and found someone selling Space tickets for Sunday. Then he said he had fourteen dollar tickets for Pacha that night.
I said give me both. When I got the bill, I was amazed at the price.
He told they were forty euros, not fourteen. I said no problem.
Headed over to Pacha around 1:30am. No problem getting in. Beautiful club, hung out on terrace for a while. By 2 am the place was getting packed, almost no room on main dance floor, but found a cool smaller dance room by the bathrooms. Had a great time, left around 4am.

Day three - Up at 11am, Hung out by pool, had a couple of drinks at Tahiti, and ventured off to Space. It was great how close the club was to our hotel.
Around 5:30 pm, small line to get in. They searched me upon entering but not my wife who had a camera in her purse. People were getting busted left and right for cameras. The terrace was pretty packed, but still room to dance. I don't know why I was worried about getting in with Sandals. There is no dress code. Some people looked like they just got off the beach and headed over. After trying to figure out how to play Space Channel Five on the Playstation we went to The main room not too crowded, and danced there. My wife began drinking Budwesiers like they were going out of style. Our bar bill quickly began to sky rocket. Went back to the Terrace which was absolutely packed. Then some a - hole, grabbed my wifes ass. Before I could confront him, he quickly apologized because he thought she was alone. My wife's mood took a turn for the worse and we headed out. (After five hours) On the way out some english chicks kept bugging us for our wrist bands to get in for free.
We said f - off or give up 30 euros each. They declined.

Day four - My 40th Birthday! (I know I sound old) Got up early, 9am and ventured to Formentera. This is an absolute must! The most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. I thought St. Martin was spectaculer, this was amazing. Opted not to take the geriatric bus tour and rented bikes.
Hit llliltes beach and Se Salines beach (best beach on the island) Bared all once again and swam nude all day. I saw some of the hottest naked women ever frollicking in the water. Went back to the hotel, and hit Ibiza town for a pub crawl around the harbor. We went to Mambo, Wwanas,
Base bar and the Mao Room where we ended talking to a bunch of german girls and a fun english couple. I saw hardly any fellow Americans the entire time. Finished off the night around 2 am with a massive Paella dinner at Fero.
But on the way in I knocked into the waitress who was carrying a full tray of glasses. The entire tray goes down, broken glass everywhere. I was pretty drunk. I apolized and sat down and demolished a pan of excellent Paella.

Day Five - Up at 10am. Went back to the beautiful sights of Le Salinas, and decided to stay in the Playa En Bosse area to go out. that night.
Got to Bora Bora around 9pm,
crowd was in full swing. Then headed to a little Irish bar called Murphys
Pub. There we met all sorts of cool english, german and irish people of all ages and continued to drink round after round of beers and gin and tonics, while listening to this Irish band play Classic Rock n Roll Songs.
(Beathles, Stones, Buffett etc. ) The place was packed and everyone was dancing and getting really rowdy. It was awesome. A really fun, interactive crowd. Alot different than your typical club crowds who tend to be in their own world while on the dance floor. I did a couple of Tequila shots with the only other Amercians who were in the air force. By this time I'm getting pretty tanked. The band leader dedicated "American Pie" to us due to the Sept 11th attack on N.Y. It was really cool. All the english we met were really cool and friendly. From there, 4am, found this club Kiss, who was having a foam party, we paid ten euros which included a free drink and headed in. There must of been about twenty people on the dance floor, about half the size of Space. I was dancing the the foam began. It was wild. Being only 5'5" I was soon drowning in the suds. In fact I had to pull a girl up from the dance floor, who seemed to be drowing in the soap.
It was great. My wife thought I was a dork, (my age and all ) but who cares I was in Ibiza! Ended up at the hotel around 6 am.

Day Six - Up at noon, both hungover as hell, decided to check out the other parts of the island. We rented a car and headed to Portinax, awesome view, up among the cliffs. Then down to Benerias beach, a nice beach carved in the middle of the cliffs. After a couple of hours of much needed rest, took off to the Port of San Miguel. The prettiest sight on the island. High above this harbor town, the sights of the ocean, and mountains, awesome. Took a tour of the caves and headed down to Cala Tarida to watch the beautiful sunset on a large boulder in the middle of the bay. Went back to the hotel, changed and headed out to Ibiza town for an excellent paella dinner at S'Carda. Roamed around, bought some soveniers, and got home at 2 am. Then back up again at 5am to jet back to Chicago. This was one of my best vacations ever, and a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday. Thanks to all of you! I hope I didn't bore you with my escapdes.
Glad you had a good one!

Hey there, glad you had a fab holiday on Devil's Island! I was there from 31/8 to 14/9 (sorry, 8/31 to 9/14!). I went with my boyfriend and we didn't go half the places you and your wife went! Probably co we couldn't get out of bed half the time. We both ended up with the flu on the second week - when we were meant to explore the island. I've been 5 times now so I have seen a fair bit, although still not been to Salinas (well, was there at the end of October 2000 with my mum but it was dead as the club season was over). Been to Formentera in June this year with my mum, couldn't get boyfriend to go as "all beaches are the same anyway"! I know - he doesn't have a clue! Mind you I would have been a bit paranoid with all those naked beautiful people around....

I met loads of people from America which I think it's brilliant, especially when I found that some of them were paying prices similar to what we Scots would pay for 2 weeks all inclusive in a hotel (well maybe thats not so good then!)

We are going back next year to a villa and we are going to hire a car. If you and the wife come back I suggest doing this too (hire car) as this is the best way to see the island.

Ta Ta For Now mate
what an hilarious review!!

i'm so with you on formentera and in murphys - it's a right laugh innit :D

sounds like you had a cracking time without overdoing the clubbing - let's hear it for us over 30s ;););)
Hey guys, you're definitely not alone.
I don't want to sound patronizing but I realise that I have more fun now than I had when I was in my twenties. I don't want to lose precious time, so I try to make every second of my (night)life special.

Most of my friends are younger than me but I'm always the last to leave the dancefloor!

PS: DJ Biff, you're soooo funny! :rolleyes:
You're totally right, once you enter your thirties, you have more cash, and seem to have more fun and really appreciate the times you have. And you can stay out just as long if not longer!
The thirties are way more fun than my twenties, and I loved my twenites
so can we then assume that our 40's will be better than our teens?
i can hardly wait to retire

el biffo
I hope so. I was a virginal geek at fifteen, did not know the pleasures of a woman till eighteen. I just turned 40, so let's see. So far it's been great and unless I get terminally ill, I hope to continue on with the party.
Age and numbers make no difference, its your state of mind and body.
I think the older you get the cooler you become. If your a geek and a dweeb at 21, more than likely you will continue to be one. If you love to party, travel, socialize at 22, why wouldn't you love it at sixty!
And that ends my discertation for this afternoon, thank you.
I'm only 23 years old but this year i took a 36 year old collegue with me. It appeared to be he went out partying for 3 or 4 nights in a row while we (20s) were to tired. So age doesn't matter at all as long as you are having fun. That's the spirit of ibiza isn't it.
first timer said:
Finished off the night around 2 am with a massive Paella dinner at Fero

fero? :rolleyes: i suppose you meant
!! ;)

Wow. I'm relieved. I'm planning on taking my fiancee to Ibiza this summer for our honeymoon and her 34th birthday. I'm 31 and I was worried that we would feel old because everyone would be in their early twenties. Maybe I shouldn't be so worried. :D
you will find people of all ages in ibiza. despite its bad reputation it is not a holiday resort just for young people. for example i lead a completely normal lifestyle here, bed at night/up in a morning type thing, and by avoiding a small area of ibiza town and a little bit of san antonio i hardly see anybody under 30. it's perfect.